Management board of Hotel and Tourist Services Company Hotel-Tur Szczecin Ltd

71-246 SZCZECIN, 10 Romera Street

Telefon Fax (+48) 91 439 56 01

• Hotel-Tur Szczecin Sp. z o.o. •

About the company

Hotel and Tourist Services Company HOTEL-TUR SZCZECIN Ltd, having its registered office in Szczecin 70-026 SZCZECIN, 3 Smolańska Street

Tax Identification Number (NIP): 955-19-69-428
Account: Bank PEKAO S.A. III o/Szczecin 96124038261111000044030780
KRS 0000018307 District Court in Szczecin 17th Commercial Department,

Initial capital : 3 248 450 PLN

       Thank you for your interest in our company. We have been active on the market for 40 years now. Currently we are a private company with a majority of Polish capital. Our activity includes hotel services, rental of office and functional premises and apartments.

       Hotel and Tourist Services Company "Hotel-Tur SZCZECIN" Ltd is the manager of four large hotel centers with  a total number of 700 accommodation places. They include one-star "JANTAR" and "PŁONIA" Hotels in Szczecin; "STAROMIEJSKI" Hotel in Stargard, as well as Travel Lodge "BRYZA" in Świnoujście

       Our clients particularly value our spacious apartments. Nonetheless, rooms representing a slightly lower standard also ensure a comfortable stay and are very popular. The hotel restaurants serve tasty, traditional Polish dishes and our conference rooms host several training courses and business appointments.

       Apart from hotels our company is the owner of two neighboring office blocks, which constitute the HT Office Centre. Our offer is signified by a convenient location, good standard and attractive rental prices.

       We also rent out premises for service activities in our hotel facilities, mainly for catering business. The hotel restaurants are run by professional companies, with which we have been working with for several years.

       The Company has 36 2-room apartments located in the residential-hotel building "PŁONIA" at 3 Uczniowska Street in Szczecin. We still have free apartments. Monthly rent payment covering all fees amounts to 864 PLN for 2-room apartment. Furthermore, there is a possibility to obtain housing allowance.

       Our goal is to constantly heighten the standard of our services. The rising number of our customers is the best acknowledgement that we are successfully reaching it.