H-T Office Centre Pomorzany district of Szczecin H-T Office Centre

About H-T Office Centre

       We invite companies seeking a convenient location for their seats to our Office Centre consisting of 2 neighboring office blocks at 3 and 4 Smolańska Street.

      H-T Office Centre is situated in Pomorzany district, in direct proximity of city means of transport stops (1 bus and 5 tram lines). The location of our office blocks between two significant communication routes – the city center on one side and the PKP Railway Station and PKS Bus Station (6 minutes away) on the other side  is very convenient both for office workers and the companies’ customers. In addition, one of our buildings houses a registered office of Bank PEKAO S.A.

      H-T Office Centre has infrastructure for telephone and Internet access. The choice of the provider of these services and payment is up to the leaseholders. Our facilities are monitored and supervised 24 h a day. We also provide parking places at the buildings.

H-T Office centre is one the few centers of such type in our city because:

  • it offers attractive rent rates, including all utility costs
  • it does not have a set minimal area of rent
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